Battle scars: When the church wounds its own, part 8

Praise the Lord saints.

Here we go.

If you remember from last week, I gave you several scriptures and I asked you to research each one to find out the common theme.  Well, if you did, you would have found out that according to them, and there are more, Jesus is Lord, God, plain and simple.

I don’t get into it that deep with none believers because they will never have spiritual discernment and it’s a waste of time.

I’m sorry but I gotta say this.

Over the years, you will build relationships with folks along the way, some will even become friends and join your inner circle.

Now, becoming into my inner circle means we are friends and I have Love for you that is different than the Love God says we must have because I see you more like family.

Here’s what that DOES NOT mean. If for any reason, you do things that are contrary to my beliefs, ESPECIALLY my spiritual moral beliefs, I will never agree with them or you in that matter.

Friendship is not blanket blind friendship and compliance to everything you do.

We had a saying in the Marines and I will clean it up a bit and say that you can’t “tinkle” on my boots and tell me its raining outside.

I will go outside or check the weather report and then we have a issue.  Nuff said on that.

Ezekiel 34 and Jeremiah 23 are 2 passages of scriptures that speak to the very issues that are vital and applicable to the “Black” mega church today.

I know it originated in the “white” church but we should have known better.  I can remember back when I was growing up with Angley, Roberts, Swaggert, Baker, and more and how they did and said things on t.v. that once you opened your Bible, you would find out that it didn’t line up with scripture.

However, they had the huge buildings with the best of everything and those that were in their valley experience would become victims and think that sending in their last dime for that “prayer cloth”, “miracle healing water or oil” or whatever, wait, I remember hearing that one of them would send you a piece of a cloth they used that had their sweat on it, I can’t make this up.

People who were lost and unlearned about True Holiness Apostolic teaching fell hook, line, and sinker for this buffoonery and the sad reality is millions are still falling today.

The difference is that the David Copperfield show is more subtle and entertaining.

All they do is appeal to your emotional heart strings by way of a 2 hour “Praise and Worship” service and your caught.  There are some recording artists that can sing so angelically and unbeknown to most, you have no control over how you react to those light and sound frequencies that speak to your spirit chakra and they know this and have mastered the art of manipulation.  

Look what they do, starting at verse 2 in Ezek 34 where they fed themselves, wore the best clothes, hint, hint, Italian custom fitted hand stitched Armani suits, ate the best of foods, but didn’t feed God’s people. God gave you the power to strengthen those that were weak, heal the sick, recover those that were injured, but you chose not to do any of that.  OH, MY BAD, they had to pay for their healing by coming up in the prayer line based on your offering!

Pay attention to verse 4, you ran off some for God’s knows what, and ruled over them with force and cruelty and didn’t have the common decency to go and try to get them to come back.  I know coming up I would take joy in saying that they became backsliders and not worthy of going after them because they didn’t want to live saved no more. Trust, this I’m speaking from personal experience and YES, it was upper leadership that did it.

Notice what would happen to those that were ran out the church, they became victims of the world so know that their blood was on your hands.  Read Ezek 3 where it talks about the watchman and his responsibility and if he didn’t sound the trumpet warning the people.

Remember what I said months ago that there are over 20,000+ in South St, Pete that are unchurched and have the mindset that they would NEVER go to church or for many go back to church because of these vary actions of church leadership.

Pastors like me almost don’t stand a chance to have some that you have come in contact with visit just because they have lassoed all Pastors into a specific bubble and are not even open to see for themselves.  I used to get offended because I have been nothing but good and a friend to them but it wasn’t enough to overcome the deeply wounded hurt that they have been carrying with themselves for decades in some cases.

I will pick up on those that from the outward appearance seem to performing acts of kindness but if you are living a life that is against God’s Word, do I praise you, I praise you and your acts NOT!

Till next week,

Blessings Bishop Elect Dr. Rob Harrison

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