But then she met him

By Keisha Bell

You never know who will help you when you step outside of your comfort zone. Often, people will let the “unknown” restrict their growth. But, what if your desire is to do more? Will you take a chance and go for it?

Jeannine Lee Lake is campaigning for Indiana’s Sixth Congressional District seat. Although she had never served in public office, she won her five-person Democratic Primary Election. After Donald Trump was elected president, she felt compelled to do something.

This is the same motivation expressed by a number of other Democratic candidates. Lake’s case, however, may feel a bit closer to the White House. In November, she will face Republican challenger Gregory Pence. If the name sounds familiar, he is the older brother of Vice President Michael Pence.

Financially, Lake’s campaign was struggling. Pence’s campaign, on the other hand, raised close to $2 million, while Lake’s fundraising efforts were just shy of $12,000. As of mid-September, Lake reported that she had not received money from the Democratic National Committee. Had her Party conceded the seat and thus making it easier for the vice president’s brother to join him in Washington?

Help for Lake showed up in an unexpected series of events. A few months ago, Lake was en route to meet a group of supporters. When she stopped to get gas, her campaign’s credit card was declined. Still, she continued on her way, with little gas, to downtown Muncie, Ind., to meet with supporters.

Lake’s timing could not have been any better. Upon arriving downtown, she met comedian David Letterman who was in town to visit a group of students at his alma mater. She took the bold step and introduced herself to him. By the time the conversation was over, she had a cash donation of $1,160.

Note, because of campaign rules, Lake refunded a part of the donation.

Letterman was not done showing his support; however, a few days ago he spoke at Lake’s private fundraiser. In addition, there was a VIP event beforehand of which individuals could join Letterman in support of Lake.

Both events were well attended, and Lake was hopeful that she would have enough money to run some television advertisements. Furthermore, Lake’s local Democratic party chair raised approximately $50,000 for her.

Lake went from not having enough campaign money to buy a tank of gas to befriending a famous comedian who not only contributed to her campaign but who also helped her raise money – and lots of it.

She could have stayed on the sidelines. After all, all indicators said she did not have a chance to win.

Keisha Bell

Keisha Bell

What a difference a day makes?

Some may doubt, but then she met him. You just never know who is waiting to help you until you try.

Keisha Bell is an attorney, author, and public servant. www.emergingfree.com

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