Congratulations, Malikye Rhymes!

Hobbies: Sports, educating himself, learning about entrepreneurship
Top 3 Dream Careers: Military police officer, plumbing business owner, community activist

ST. PETERSBURG — Malikye Rhymes has been an active member of the Cohort of Champions since 2019 and is graduating from Gibbs High School. He came to the Cohort of Champions as an intern through the Pinellas County School Board’s Summer Acceleration Program as a rising senior.

He helped and served as an intern in the Cohort’s Summer Workforce Training and Leadership Academy, leading group activities in a maintenance short course and becoming a coach and mentor to some of the younger students. He also served as one of the masters of ceremonies for the Cohort of Champions 2019 Servant Leaders Community Day.

Malikye is currently working and learning how to run a plumbing business. He plans to attend Pinellas Technical College to obtain a plumbing certification and work toward enlisting in the United States Navy, where he aspires to become a military police officer.

“The Cohort of Champions helped me get my life on track for the future I wanted, said Malikye. “I learned important skills that I use every day, like how to save money. Now with my first job, I know how to save, and I am on track to get my own apartment very soon.”

He says his proudest accomplishment is getting back on track in time to graduate with his class.

The City of St. Petersburg’s Cohort of Champions funds entrepreneurial and educational training opportunities for African-American male and female youth. The program also provides participants with opportunities for skill-building, leadership-focused workshops and events, mentoring, tutoring and academic advising.

The Cohort of Champions offers continuous recruitment throughout the year and provides mentors, coaches and wrap-around services to youth between the ages of 12-24.

If you are interested, contact their team at 727-893-7885 or via email at or for more information.

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