Corey Givens Jr. kicks off City Council campaign

By Allen A. Buchanan, Staff Writer

ST. PETERSBURG – City Council candidate for District 6 Corey Givens, Jr. kicked off his 2017 campaign at the Hangar Restaurant last month. Approximately 50 well wishers and family members came out to show support for the campaign.

Givens, Jr.’s choice of venue for kicking off his campaign reflects his holistic platform to utilize all resources necessary to make the city an economically sound and a culturally rich urban mecca for all citizens.

“I think right now with so much turbulence going on in our country, we need to rebuild and reorganize, and it starts here at the local level,” said Givens, Jr.

The millennial-aged candidate believes that the core to future success in St. Pete begins with activists and people who are passionate about making a difference.

“We need neighborhood folks, folks who care about the home. I think if we start with the home, it will ricochet into the neighborhood, and then the neighborhood will transform the city. Local government does play a pivotal role in our lives and we’ve got to get involved.”

He stated that one of the things he would like to do first if he’s elected is to go into communities and talk with its citizens to find out what’s working and what’s not.

District 7 School Board member Rene Flowers introduced Givens, Jr. as a candidate who genuinely wants to make it about “the people he serves” if he is elected.

“Working with his neighborhood association…partnering with students in the community for reading activities, you cannot miss Corey,” said Flowers. She highlighted his work as an officer for the Democratic Executive Committee Association and a staunch supporter of the Democratic Black Caucus.

“I know he’s going to go places,” said Dorothy Givens, his grandmother.

In a videotaped interview, Givens, Jr.’s grandfather, Greg Carter, stated that his grandson said that he “wanted to become the president of the United States” when he was only three years old.

“Now you’re on your way there, and we’re going to support you as much as possible,” said Carter.

“I’ve known Corey for a couple of years, and I don’t know a more dynamic person,” said Bill Walker, treasurer of the Pinellas County Democratic Party. He added that Givens Jr.’s heart in the right place, and he looks forward to helping him on the campaign trail.

This kickoff event for the coveted city council seat should send a signal for more millennials to get involved in the future direction of the city.

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