Facing What’s Forward

Pastor Brian K. Brown, St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church

Genesis 7 (Noah’s account of facing forward)

Our study in the “Facing What’s Forward” series allows us to again revisit, review, and consider Noah’s account of what moving forward brought in the many days, weeks, months, and years of his life. As we examine these accounts, it is necessary to consider the goodness of God, even in knowing life in Noah’s time were not all positive; we hold to the belief that God will take care of us.

Moreover, we would do well to live in faith, believing: Dear God, if you brought this to my life, you must have a reason for bringing it, and ultimately trusting that what you have brought has been brought for a reason, and will bring goodness and growth to my life.” Moving this narrative forward, Noah’s story tells of God’s decision to destroy the earth, and how God remembered the faithfulness of Noah, he was a good man.

Presently, the text places us where Noah has finished constructing the ark, he and his family, along with the animals prepare to enter and wait for the mightily floodwaters. Within seven days the floodwater announces its presence, only to comply with God’s command, to destroy the earth. Let us insert a pause here, to ask a significant question as it pertains to our present conversation, “How long were the inhabitants aboard the wooden ark before they were finally able to return to normalcy, rebuilding, and living beyond floating back and forth in a wooden boat? Well, we have the luxury of knowing because we can read the storyline in reverse (Genesis 7 and 8) and the commentary of clergymen.

Hence, some believe Noah and his family, along with the animals were on board for 377 days! Wow! Imagine waking up to the same routine, sickness, distress, dwindling supplies, etc., and wondering Lord, how long? Their day-to-day life and forward movement perhaps became unbearable and even frustrating, but nevertheless, they had to wait until God said differently. Arguably, waiting is a challenging position to find oneself in, and even the best of us can easily become, simply put, tired of waiting. Do you know sometimes a blessing can become a hindrance because of TIME!

So, what can we do to help when “wait” knocks at our door?

Here are four points for consideration and growth:

Point One: Remember What He Said: (Genesis 6:17 -20) Inside the ark represented life and sustainability for Noah and his family, the animals, and the life God promised to remake. Outside of the ark, floodwaters, and death.

Wait on God, He will provide a word that will settle your spirit and show you just how to get through the waiting process. They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength…(Isaiah 40:31) Does waiting seem to be getting too challenging, are you tired of living? Then, my friends, you are not tired of waiting. Waiting will benefit you, do not curse your blessing, waiting is a significant part of living. God will see you through!

Point Two: Release All Our Sorrows: (Genesis 7:21- 23) Normality and familiarity were gone once the floodwaters came and after later receded. We have to be care to release the sorrows and live. Release what has been lost, destroyed and look towards what is forward. You and I cannot move forward holding yesterday’s sorrows. We cannot change what happened to someone else, but I can learn from that situation and move forward. Do not give up on life, focus on moving forward!

Point Three: Return to the Service: (Genesis 7:23) If you want peace while in the waiting room of life, get productive! If you are only paying attention to what is not working, it will make the wait significantly longer and more painful. Have you stopped working, and are now only worrying over what you are wanting to move closer to? Working while waiting for changes the rhythm of life, so get busy living by working, launching, and doing!

Noah needed to keep his family safe, the animals cared for, etc.; there was plenty of work to be done to sustain him during the “wait” time.

Point Four: Receive Your Solution: (Genesis 8) Noah was confined for over a year in a space where he could not go out. Everyone has a way out, but God’s way out is better. God knows you are tired, weary, getting weak, and getting frustrated, but know that God says to all of us He will make the wait worth it!

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