Facing What’s Forward – Hebrews 11:1- 6

St. Mark M.B. Church:

As we look back over the past 365 days, we can reflect on the goodness of God and how He has opened various doors for us through “teeny” doors (seconds), “tiny” doors (minutes), “mini” door (hours) small doors (days), medium doors (weeks) and large doors (months) which ultimately brought varying experiences to our lives. We know that not everything was pleasant or peaceful, but as we reflect we can certainly attest to the fact that God has been good! Nevertheless, if we are not careful, we can become tempted to focus on what was broken, challenging, or difficult and try to sidestep moving forward to avoid future hurts. As a result of this mindset, we can easily miss the blessings of what is ahead.  In moving into the 2022 year, Pastor Brown centered his new series, “Facing What’s Forward” on Hebrews, Chapter 11 as the text highlights the gift of  FAITH. Within the chapter, we learn how many individuals managed “ups and downs” in their lives, but resolved to move forward…Faith is our answer, “It wasn’t finances, family, or food, but you and I are a testimony of what faith has done and can do.” Living forward allows us to be connected to God and discover what He has for each us through destiny and deliverance.

To begin, moving forward with intention, and going forward with God shows us what we need to know. “Facing What’s Forward,” this growth mindset allows us to know God better, an opportunity to realize where we can serve God bigger, and ultimately the opportunity to shine for God brighter. First, let us consider three points to review as we face what’s forward. (Verse 3) highlights that we should ensure we “Don’t Face What’s Forward Without Facts about GOD!” Reaizing we can do all things through Christ Jesus, but nothing without HIM. It is imperative that you and I are cautious in our thinking, and we do not allow any door to open in our lives thinking we can handle it on our own. We cannot!

The second consideration, is developed through the understanding presented in verse 4, “…by faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain…”- Point two Christian friends, “Don’t Face What’s Forward Without Fellowship with God.” Fellowship with God requires using the time to learn more about Him. When we are in fellowship with God, we should be careful to affirm our appreciation for what God has done in our ives and never promote ourselves or enter into fellowship with a boastful heart.

Equally important to the concept of Facing Forward, is point three: “Don’t Face What’s Forward Without Faith in God.” Let’s examine what faith is, faith is a confident expectation that God will make good on every promise. Moreover, faith is being sure of what we hoped for and certain of what we do not see; without faith it is impossible to please God. As believers, we must patiently wait for God as He reveals every hour, day, and month to us. In God’s world, we can exchange what we have and believe in faith for what God has for us, as a “better deal.” In other words, if we have right facts with God, have been in right fellowship with God, and have right faith in God then, whatever we have now is inferior to what we will have with God. Letting go of what we currently have so that God can give us something greater to hold on to is the connection that allows us to move forward in God and with God!

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