Giving God the Glory


Ref  – John 14:10

In 1984, Andre Crouch, a Grammy Awarding Gospel artist and minster, wrote the song, “My Tribute.” The chorus of the song is clarion call to true spirituality, “To God be the glory for the things that he has done.”

One clear way to know whether we are functioning in the Spirit or operating in the ego is by who gets the glory.  When people praise us for our gifts if we take the glory for ourselves, then we know that we are out of alignment with the Spirit and operating in ego.  If we sincerely give the glory, honor and praise to God, then we know that we are operating in the Christ consciousness.

Jesus Christ was popular during his day and his fame spread through many regions (Luke 4:14).  He was known as a healer and many people received miracles through him.  Instead of taking the credit, he told them, “Your faith has made you whole (Mathew 9:22, Luke 10:52).”  Jesus Christ was a great teacher and had a way with words that many people recognized (John 7:46).  Instead of letting it go to his head, he said, “The words that I speak are not mine but my Father’s (John 14:10).”  When people celebrated Jesus’ virtuous character and attempted to worship him, he said “There is none good but one and that is God (Mathew 19:10).”

The more spiritual we are, the more we exalt the spiritual over the physical. We recognize God as the Source and ourselves as conduits through which the Spirit flows.  The more that we grow in Christ, the more humble we become, elevating the invisible over the visible.  We realize that our abilities are as a result of the Christ, which strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Unity Temple of Truth Church, 511 Prescott St. S, St. Petersburg. 

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