In the Spotlight: Solomon & Iyanna

Photo credit: Children’s Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, by Pezz Photo

One Church One Child of Florida is a faith-based, 501(c)3 organization operating statewide in partnership with the Department of Children and Families and Local Community Based Lead Agencies and their providers in recruitment of adoptive and foster families and local churches to partner in supporting children in foster care and local families through Church  Watch-Care Ministries.

One Church One Child of Florida acknowledges the children who need a permanent family. The series continues featuring children all over Florida who are waiting in foster care for a forever loving family to call their own.

October’s children are highlighted in this article.  Continue to pray for them, and consider making them a part of your family through adoption or a part of your church through Project Watch-Care, for support and mentoring.

Solomon, 15

Solomon is a kind-hearted young man who always endeavors to do the best he can. He has developed an affinity for fishing and being out on the water. Skateboarding and playing games are his favorite pastimes, and he’s also a very good artist.

If Solomon had the choice of going anywhere, he would take a whirlwind tour of every fair and carnival in the world—or just stick to getting his very own bounce house in the backyard.

Iyanna, 13

Iyanna is a sweet and sensitive little girl who loves to care for younger children and animals, and craves the companionship of a female role model. She’s a talented writer, especially of poetry, and she has an uncanny ability to read and relate to other people.

She’s a little shy and introspective, but she loves to have a good chat with her friends. Her ideal home is one with a mom and maybe a sister or two, where her birthday will not only be remembered, but will be celebrated in a big way!

These two kids will thrive in a loving, nurturing and active home with both male and female role models. Church involvement is important to them.

If you are interested in knowing more about Solomon and Iyanna and other children in foster care available for adoption, or if you would like to become a foster parent, mentor or volunteer, please contact LaKay Fayson, Recruitment Coordinator for One Church One Child of Florida, at (813) 985-7831 or The website for One Church One Child of Florida is

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