Jewelry for Jewels fundraiser to support children of the CRA

BY FAYE WATSON, Contributor

ST. PETERSBURG — Our children are our most precious jewels and DAB Community Services, Inc., in collaboration with The Gathering of Women, will host their first “Jewelry for Jewels” fundraiser Saturday, Dec. 3 from 10-6 p.m. at 833 22nd St. S.

Individuals can participate by donating their like new jewelry.  I, Faye Watson, founder of DAB Community Services, Inc. and Samantha Richardson, president of The Gather of Women, Inc., believe based on relationships with hundreds of women that there’s plenty of jewelry in their homes that is never worn.

With the jewelry that has been donated so far, the event will prove to be success.  Anyone can participate in this fundraiser. Please donate and help spread the word with associates, friends and family. Men should also encourage the women in their lives to make a donation.

DAB Community Services, Inc. and The Gathering of Women, Inc. are both 501(c)(3) organizations that have worked on numerous programs that benefit the youth. Some programs are only a few dollars and a few volunteers away from sustainability.

Getting personally involved in “Developing And Building” community service grassroots programs should be imbedded in the hearts and minds of everyone in the area if they truly want to make a difference.

Thanks to the generosity of Gloria Campbell at Advantage Insurance Solutions, located at 833 22nd St. S, her entire office will be converted to a jewelry showroom Dec 3.

South St. Petersburg CRA is the fifth largest poverty zone in Pinellas County and a designated food desert.  Children living in the CRA are our primary focus and developing and building programs that will empower and transform their lives is our priority.

I’m confident that there are individuals in the community that really want to do something to help.  So often people have the money but don’t have the time, and others have the time but just don’t have the money.  Working with our youth is a big challenge and we can always use money and volunteers.  One conversation or experience can change a child’s life forever.

If you can’t let go of any of your jewelry, please consider making a small donation to support our children at

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