Jump rope workshop this Saturday

ST. PETERSBURG — In an effort to promote physical fitness among the youth of St. Pete, a jump rope workshop for the After School Playcampers to learn basic skills and fundamental techniques of jump rope will be offered Sat., Oct.17 at Thomas “Jet” Jackson Recreation Center, 1000 28th St. S, St. Pete, from 10 to noon.

Expert trainer Yvonne Moody and her team, the Hurricane Jumpers, from Miami will teach our children basic skills and techniques. The objective and requirements of this tutorial are as follows:

• Campers will get hands-on experience with different jumping styles

• Each center needs to provide beaded rope for their campers

• Each camper needs to be register in the workshop barcode

• Campers’ transportation is to be arranged through the center

The aim of the workshop is for each center to introduce an after school jump rope program that will teach the sport through a method of skill development. The goal is for each center to have a hour-long class twice a week that will teach the various skill levels: single rope skills, partner routines, double dutch, long rope and group routines. The program will help develop the mind, instruct jump rope in a fun and rewarding way and help campers prepare for competition.

There will be two jump rope competitions among Playcampers on non-school days at Lake Vista Recreation Center. The goal is to see how campers have progressed and to continue to build self-confidence and learn different styles of jumping.

“My vision is to place a rope in every child’s hand. It is my belief that it will promote physical fitness,” said City of St. Petersburg Recreation Supervisor and organizer of the workshop Cathy Fort.

Fort’s goal is to introduce an after-school jump rope program for the community. The program will help develop mind and body by learning rope jumping in a fun and rewarding way.

“Combined with other programs, using the ropes we can help send positive messages to our campers in staying fit,” said Fort.

Jump rope classes will be offered to children aged six and older.

Fort said they will focus on helping children make a positive connection with physical activity. Children will learn the benefits of this lifetime fitness activity, improve coordination, timing, foot speed, endurance, build bone density and develop lean muscle mass.

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