NAACP elections held Thursday, March 14

Back in Aug. of last year, it was with great humility and purpose that I announced my candidacy for president of the St. Petersburg Chapter of the NAACP. I deliberated for quite some time prior to concluding that this is the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

Sadly, like so many others, I saw the shameful and disgraceful shape that the St. Petersburg Chapter of the NAACP was in, and how it had lost credibility and respectability on so many fronts. I watched how it had been reduced to nonsensical Facebook ramblings by its president.

The branch had been hijacked by a personal vendetta and agenda against just about everybody. And God directed me to step in and right the wrongs and lead the St. Petersburg Branch back to respectability and unity.

I have the leadership skills necessary to restore the NAACP to its rightful place as this community’s most respected and effective civil rights organization. I know the importance of building trust between different individuals and organizations.

The NAACP is a relevant organization and always has been, but there is a need to rebuild support in our community for that relevancy. I know how to develop meaningful and collaborative relationships with leaders and stakeholders throughout our community.

I know what it means to work with our religious leaders, political leaders, business leaders, community leaders, educational leaders and our community activists in a constructive and respectful manner. I know how to develop strategic plans designed to achieve specific organizational goals and outcomes.

I understand the importance of respecting the territorial integrity of other NAACP branches. Our present NAACP branch is void of significant committee leadership support. As president, I fully intend to correct that situation immediately after taking office. I have identified quite a few other things that need to get done. I want to emphasize my ability and willingness to listen intently to others.

I thank God for the vision that he has placed me in to bring about the much-needed change throughout St. Petersburg and beyond. I cannot do it alone. My presidency will highlight collaboration and networking with local, state and national governments; other non-profit community organizations, the School Board, clergy, and of course, the great people of St. Petersburg to effect change and opportunity.

I will cross racial, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity lines to build a coalition of all residents who fight for what is right. The change is now. As president, I will continue in the struggle to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality and equity of rights of all persons and to help eliminate race-based discrimination. I will engage our youth, millennials, seniors, churches and our entrepreneurs in the process of building one community, one village.

The election is next Thursday, March 14 at the historic McCabe United Methodist Church, 2800 26th Ave. S, St. Petersburg. If God’s willing, I will lead this historic St. Petersburg Chapter of the NAACP to higher heights and renewed relevancy and restored respectability.

You will get the best of me to serve God and people. The NAACP will be in good hands with Pastor G. Gregg Murray at the helm.

Rev. Dr. G. Gregg Murray,
Senior Pastor, Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church

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