New Theater Production in St. Pete

Creator of the interactive dinner theater show “Murder on Blueberry Hill,” Gladys Adams is holding a casting call for this production and is encouraging novice and experienced actors alike of all races to join the troupes.

“We are looking for performers that can sing—at least carry a tune,” Adams said. “We do have a little dancing in the show and part of the audience participation is teaching them dances like the Stroll, Hand-Jive and Twist. We also try to showcase an actor’s special talent, whether it is singing or dancing, whenever possible.”

Adams is looking for diversity and is encouraging African Americans to join the cast. Finding a diverse cast had not been a problem in all of her years of producing plays until she landed in the bay area.

Adams has been producing shows for about 20 years, starting in Atlanta with a 1970’s production about the disco era. She has themed productions, which are set in the 1950’s all the way through the 1980’s, and is about to start working on a 1990’s show.

“When I lived in New York City,” Adams explained, “my favorite thing was going to the theater and this affords me in a very small way to be a part of something that I love dearly. Since retiring, it was on my bucket list. It gives me so much joy to do and to allow others to achieve their dream as well.”


For more info, contact Gladys Adams at (678) 832-3621 or
To reach Frank Drouzas, email

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