Persistence in Physical Fitness


Scripture Reference – Mark 10:46-52

Persistence is essential in obtaining and maintaining physical fitness. Challenges can be overcome through persistence. People with challenges were drawn to Jesus Christ for two reasons. One, his solution oriented consciousness was a magnet for people with seeming problems. Two, they knew that he was a manifestor, one who consistently brought good into expression.

Bartimaeus was visually challenged. In addition to having a challenge with sight, he also had economic and employment challenges. He spent a lot of his time in Jericho begging. Bartimaeus represents that part of us that is groping in darkness searching for light. When he saw Jesus Christ, the light of the world, he cried out for healing. People told him that he was too loud and that he should quiet down. Nevertheless, Bartimaeus was persistent in the pursuit of healing and increased his volume.

His faith manifested through persistence made his whole. The more we hold the consciousness of our perfection and wholeness, the more we manifest physical fitness. Despite challenges, we can never give up and just let our bodies go. We must persist in doing everything that we know to do to be healthy so that we can live our best lives.

Many times, when it comes to physical fitness, we start and we stop various programs. Sometimes we complete the program and even reach our goals but once the program is over, we resort back to our old habits. Once we return to unhealthy patterns of behavior, it is challenging to start again. God is calling us to be persistent about our physical health where it is not just a program but a healthy practice that we maintain throughout our lives.

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Unity Temple of Truth Church, 511 Prescott St. S, St. Petersburg.

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