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Desiree Haynes-Pittmon


ST. PETERSBURG — Desiree Haynes-Pittmon said she has always had a passion for using beauty as a way of empowering women to feel their best. After receiving her license from the Academy of Beauty and Business, she decided to open a beauty bar.

Haynes-Pittmon named her business Boomerang Lash and Beauty Bar and opened up shop in Lakeview Shopping Center, 2279 34th St. S.  This graduate of Northeast High School specializes in mink lash extensions, lace-wig installs, custom coloring lace wigs, facials, sew-ins, makeup, body contouring and crochet braids.

Along with her cosmetology license, Haynes-Pittmon is also a nurse and a licensed esthetician, giving her advanced knowledge about skincare and the best way for a client’s skin to look fantastic.

“I have always loved making people feel beautiful,” Haynes-Pittmon related. “I have been in the beauty industry since I was 18, working in my cousin’s salon as an assistant.”

The married mother of three said she comes from a long line of beauty industry professionals, with sisters, cousins and nieces in the business.

“My grandmother was a hairdresser, and my mom was a model for many years,” she said.  “Growing up, I was pretty much surrounded by the beauty industry.”

With the industry playing such a prominent role in her life, it was no surprise that she decided to open her own shop.

“I opened Boomerang Lash and Beauty Bar because I wanted us to have a place in our community where we can come and get pampered and beautified at an affordable price,” Haynes-Pittmon stated. “The favorite part of what I do is making people feel beautiful.”

She said the name for her new business and the logo was something God gave to her. For her, the name symbolizes the strength you can find in beauty.

“The boomerang is like the infinity sign,” Haynes-Pittmon stated.  “That sign is a symbol of perfection and empowerment.”

Along with specializing in hair, lashes and skin, her beauty bar also provides classes to anyone interested in becoming a licensed, certified lash tech.

“The classes are a way for me to give back to my community,” she said.  “Our culture has endured so much; I just want us all to win.”

Since starting the beauty bar less than a year ago, the new business owner said she is so excited by the response she’s received. Several customers have given rave reviews on social media with photos of their new lashes and new hairstyles.

Her Facebook wall is full of compliments and satisfied customers, showing off their new lashes and hairstyles.

“I feel so blessed and highly favored,” she revealed. “When people praise my work, it makes me feel proud and blessed. I want to thank God for blessing me.”

For more information on the Boomerang Lash and Beauty Bar, visit the website at www.boomeranglashandbeautybar.com, or call 727-322-3882.

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