Rattler venom goes viral



TALLAHASSEE — Rattler alumni have joined together to propel a social media campaign to new heights in order to benefit their beloved Florida A&M University. Cecka Green, taking notice of the recent Internet challenge trend, decided to launch a campaign among alumni to boost university giving.

“I thought there has to be a way FAMU can capitalize on this challenge thing. So I thought, ‘you know what, 10 for $10.’ Give $10 and see if you can challenge 10 people to give $10 within a 24-hour period,” said Green.

After posting the initial video where she called out 10 of her friends who are also FAMU alumni, Green as well as the Alumni Foundation received an overwhelming response. Within 48 hours the foundation received more than $10,000 in donations. After surpassing the initial goal of $50,000 and the secondary goal of $100,000 by homecoming, Green and other alumni continue to raise the bar for giving.

“When we realized we were gonna hit $50,000 in a matter of days, we decided to go for $500,000. I was speaking with some members of the alumni association and they said, ‘Well shoot! We need to hit a million,’ so our new goal now is to make a million dollars through this effort by May of 2015” said Green.

Even with Attorney Daryl Parks’ recent donation of  $10,000, this campaign encourages university giving at any level. Whether donating $10 or $10,000, Green wants alumni to recognize the importance of giving.

“People need to understand that the little amounts matter. What is key about this campaign is that it is the efforts of many,” said Green.  This is a few efforts of many people to make an impactful change on the financial standing of our university. “

Commissioner Kenneth Welch, Rattler Alumni

Commissioner Kenneth Welch, Rattler Alumni

Florida A&M University, the largest Historically Black University, has produced a massive community of black professionals who all carry with then a heaping dose of Rattler pride.  Among those is Pinellas County Commissioner Kenneth Welch. Like many others, he understands the importance of university giving.

“This (giving) keeps the opportunities for the Historically Black College experience alive, above and beyond what the state provides,” said Welch.

Welch, who comes from a Rattler legacy and is currently a Rattler dad, still embraces principles FAMU instills in their students. Commitment to excellence, attention to detail and never settling for second best are among many of the university’s core values. The support of alumni such as Welch is what has caused this campaign to go viral.

“It (the campaign) heightens awareness. It’s a good way to give back to FAMU, a place that has given so much to so many people,” said Welch.

Beyond the monetary donations, Green hopes to engage all alumni in preserving the old Rattler spirit.

For more information about the 10 for $10 campaign, please visit www.famu10for10challenge.com.

Top photo: Cecka Green

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