Remain Open


Scripture – Mark 7:34-35

Healing manifests in a variety of ways. Sometimes our healing manifests without the use of modern medicine. Other times, God flows through doctors and medicine to bring about the healing that we desire and deserve as children of God.

It is important that we remain open to divine unlimited ideas, and that we abstain from judging our brothers and sisters who choose a healing path with which we disagree.  Each of us have a right to determine and decide what health looks like for and on us.

BackToChurch, pastor's corner, pcA diagnosis is a medical label for a particular set of symptoms.  A prognosis is an opinion of how effective any treatment will be, and is based on the medical professionals’ education and experiences. After consulting medical professionals, we have a right to accept, reject or alter the diagnosis and prognosis based upon our own relationship with the One who created us, God.

Jesus Christ encountered a man who was called “deaf and dumb.”  He told the man to be open. The man with this dual diagnosis was completely open to Jesus, the physical representation of the Christ consciousness.

The man was so open that he allowed this complete stranger to take him out of town and to spit on him.  As a result of his openness, his physical condition changed.  His hearing and speech were restored.

Let us open our hearts and be healed.  Let us open our minds to the idea that we can live without sickness, pain, disease and discomfort regardless of our genes or pre-existing conditions.  Let us remain open to limitless possibilities so that we can be physically fit.

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Unity Temple of Truth Church, 511 Prescott St. S, St. Petersburg.

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