Reverend Brian K. Brown named 9th Moderator of South Florida Progressive Baptist Association

TAMPA – By a unanimous vote, the Reverend Brian K. Brown, pastor of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, was named Moderator of the South Florida Progressive Baptist Association.

Rev. Brown was recommended by the outgoing moderator, the Reverend C. T. Kirkland of the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa. Rev. Kirkland is stepping down after 13 years of service.

The association convened for its 101st session at the Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa where Rev. Brown was officially installed Friday, Oct. 8 with the full attendance and overwhelming support of the St. Mark congregation, where he has served as the under shepherd for 21 years.

In his official capacity as moderator, Rev. Brown will give both spiritual and foundational leadership to the churches in his governing region with five Congresses and their churches.

It is noteworthy that with this appointment, Rev. Brown is the third pastor appointed from St. Mark as moderator. Of the nine in the history of the organization, Rev. Brown, Rev. C. S. Caldwell and the Rev. W. J. Glover all hailed from St. Mark.

The theme of the 101st annual session was “Strengthening the Local Church through Training Programs” and Rev. Brown’s message was entitled, “Success with Less” (Judges 7: 1-22).

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