Santa Claus is really a black woman, huh?

New York Attorney General Letitia James asked a judge for a preliminary injunction as part of her $250 million civil lawsuit against former President Trump to stop what she said is ongoing fraudulent conduct.

BY RAY TAMPA, The Ray Tampa Podcast

To everyone’s complete surprise, Christmas came early this year on Sept. 20. Also, we were all pleasantly surprised to find that Santa Claus isn’t a Black man as many have claimed, nor is Santa a white man. In fact, Santa isn’t even a man at all.

Santa’s real name is New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Black who delivered gifts for all throughout the land to enjoy. Yes, we can now rejoice that no one is above the rule of law, and we can rejoice in the fact that a serial liar is being held to civil violation standards.

We can rejoice that a master con man, tax cheat and grifter has NOW been legally and lawfully exposed. We can rejoice in the fact that the concept of ACCOUNTABILITY can, for now, be removed from life support.

Furthermore, we can rejoice in the fact that the Internal Revenue Service, the New York District Attorney, the Fulton County District Attorney and the Department of Justice will possibly bring a slew of other gifts this long holiday season.

Wow, who could have guessed that Santa is a Black woman? Who could have thought that Santa would have delivered such a tightly wrapped gift in the form of a 280-page civil lawsuit against the world’s most notorious con man and his accomplices?

Break out the egg nog, put up the Christmas trees, hang the Christmas lights and let’s sing a few carols. It’s time to celebrate and rejoice. The prayers for so many have been answered.

Christmas, generally, is the favorite time of the year for so many. But this early Christmas warms hearts like none other. This early Christmas is a strong marker in the quest to protect what is so cherished, our democracy.

Now, don’t get it wrong, as happy as millions of Americans are right now, Santa can help facilitate their ultimate joy by delivering a set of matching gold bracelets and colorful orange jumpsuits to the con man, tax cheater, serial liar, alleged thief of top-secret documents, sexual abuser and his accomplices.

We have all heard the phrase, “justice delayed is justice denied.” While it is so widely believed that justice has been long delayed in the case of this particular con man, it is still such a happy moment to finally see a lawsuit of significance filed against this clown and his accomplices.

True enough, there is a big difference between filing a lawsuit and winning the case in court. However, Santa Claus unpackaged her tightly wrapped gift in such a detailed manner as to provide the whole world with complete confidence that the Grinch won’t steal this Christmas.

Finally, thanks to Santa, “the chickens have come home to roost.”

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