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Jerard Reedy


BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG –The speed that Jerard Reedy knows best is fast…really fast! From his high school glory days at The Boca Ciega where he earned the name Speedy Reedy, to his current assistant coaching position at Northeast High School, his speed is where he is most comfortable. His speed is what earned him a football scholarship to the University of Minnesota Crookston.

When one voices Reedy and speed in the same sentence, one may only assume that the reference is to Bernard Reedy, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer who is currently with the New England Patriots. Excuse the like association, but Jerard is the cousin of the NFL wide receiver/punt and kickoff return specialist.

Reedy is taking on a new venture as Northeast High’s assistant coach for the girls’ basketball team.  He will join long-time successful coach William White who previously led a winning Boca Ciega program that accomplished three final-four appearances, six consecutive district championships and a state runner-up.

Reedy serves as the leader of the Junior Varsity team along with assisting Coach White with the varsity. In his role, he will bring energy, enthusiasm, an up-tempo mentality and positive relations with the students.

“I’ve only known Reedy in the last few months since he has been here at Northeast and I’ve learned that he is extremely popular,” said Coach White. “Every place we go people there know him. He is a true blessing.”

Coach White said Reedy’s energy and passion for the game are admirable. Both coming from Boca Ciega they have similar styles and work well together.

“He is knowledgeable of the game and works well with the girls in that he pushes them really hard,” said White. “We see the junior varsity and varsity as one team. He has fit in perfectly at the school and the basketball program. He is everything that we could want in a person and as a coach.”

Reedy’s first game coaching admittedly brought back many athletic memories. He started playing football at the age of seven with the St. Pete Green Devils. He also reflected back on his first games at Boca Ciega where he played four years of basketball and two years of football.

Jerard Reedy, speed, featuredHe filled his thoughts with his past highlights. As a senior, Reedy received Impact Player of the Year, Pinellas County All-star and returned a punt for a touchdown with 30 seconds remaining to win the game.

But those were the days when he was a young hotshot; now, he’s walking into the gym as the coach. For him, the experience was euphoric.

 “It was a good feeling and it felt positive. In my mind I wondered did I cover all of the important details to make our team successful.  Have I properly prepared the players? How will they respond to what we did in practice? In my heart, I knew the answer, but in my mind, there was a checklist.”

The team responded how Reedy expected, winning 54-24. Speedy Reedy, the coach, is looking forward to an awesome season.

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