That still small voice

Pastor Kisha Jordan

What a great and powerful God we serve. I give Him all of the praise, the glory and all of the honor. He is faithful and there is none like Him. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve searched all over, I’ve searched high and low and still I could not find anyone like Him. In fact, I couldn’t even find anyone that even comes close to Him. He’s just that good!

Again, I am sitting in my office thinking about the goodness of God. I recalled a time in my life wherein I really needed an answer from God. I was faced with a difficult decision and I really needed to hear the answer that God had for me. I did not want a man’s opinion or to know what someone else would do if they were in my shoes. I needed to hear from God.

I remembered saying to myself “Maybe God will speak to me through a prophet or an evangelist or a pastor. Maybe His answer to me will be revealed in a loud voice of someone screaming, shouting or some other expressive action. Maybe His answer to me will be manifested in the quietness of the night.” I was like God, “I need to hear from you. I know your voice. I’m in a very low place in my life and you alone are the lifter of my head.” [see Psalms 3:3]

The truth of the matter was regardless of the method in which God would speak, I just wanted Him to speak to me. I had just lost my best friend, my own mother. She had gained her angel wings and gone home to be with God in His home in the sky. My mother was my heart. She was my world and now that she was gone I felt broken and bewildered.

All the people that I knew, even those who are Christians that I knew, simply did not have the words that I needed to hear. Needing desperately to hear from God, I remember closing myself up and diving into His word. I knew then, just as I know now, in the word of God there is peace, comfort, guidance, and healing.

It was in this time of studying, praying and crying out to God, that God began to move. Ironically, His voice didn’t come through someone preaching or yelling at me, it was a still small voice [see 1 Kings 19:12]. His voice ministered to my hurt, to my pain, to my brokenness, and it healed me. For this I give Him praise.

Dear reader, I stopped by this pastor’s corner to tell you that still small voice still speaking today. It’s not always in the loud noise. Sometimes it’s in that small still voice.  It’s small, but it’s mighty and it will change your life forever. Listen for the voice of God in your life.

I pray that you receive this word. Stay Blessed. Stay focused. In Jesus name, Amen.

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