The Bible Made this One as Plain as the Nose on Your Face – Part 3

Praise the Lord,

It was been a while but I’m back in the saddle so to speak.

First , I’m overwhelmed that heaven rejoiced a few days ago as I baptized another new soul and this time for him was the only way scriptures say it should be done, “in Jesus name”. Congrats to my brother, Bro. Tommie Wheeler.

It wasn’t easy balancing your schedules but when someone wants to start the process of changing their lives forever, you have to make the time no matter what.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone and we can never be presumptuous to believe that any of us have another day.

And special thanks to my buddy and fellow servant in Christ Pastor Hodge, who again blessed me to use his facilities.

We were on our way to the lake either down by Bay Vista or at the end of 22nd Street south had he not been able to accommodate us.

Speaking on the subject of baptism, I am continuing from where I left off some time ago, last year to be exact I believe.

One more thing before I start, I just want those that read my column to know that soon there will be a series of books that I have been holding off for far too long, over fifteen years to be exact, but this will be the year.  I haven’t decided the format yet, but yall will be the first to know.

Back to our subject.  I know that there have been a lot that has happened and discussed in the communities and neighborhoods of South St Pete and there is much I could speak on but, for the time being, that’s not where the Holy Spirit would have me to be so it will have to keep.  South St Pete ain’t so big that public news stays hidden.


Acts 2, well the Book of Acts of the Apostles as they are called cover a great deal of pivotal landmarks that so many have decided that they are not so important that they left most of the critical foundational teachings as it relates to salvation, our spiritual, not religious, spiritual growth and development. This is quite unfortunate for those organizations that do not set their foundational principles and “by-laws” to the teachings found here.

Jesus thought it necessary and critical that this occurs prior to Him using anyone and we find this when you read back in Luke 24: 33-49.  I think I mentioned this passage of scriptures before so I won’t print them so that you can go back and review for your own spiritual growth and maturity.  In a nutshell, this is the first encounter the disciples had with Jesus after he rose the third day morning just as He promised. They were afraid as though they had seen a ghost because they were still stuck with the perplexing concept of how in the world can He raise himself from the dead when He himself is dead.  They witnessed Him raising the dead but this was different, supernatural even.  Jesus proceeds to prove to them that He in fact is real and it is Him and once progressing forward had to help them understand by opening up their understanding even more so that this wouldn’t become a deal breaker for them because there are gonna be greater challenges they would later face.  He mentioned that repentance for remission of sins was the order of the day and that it was to be done “in His Name” , catch that, in His Name, not is titles.  His name is the greatest name we know and is none greater under heaven or in the earth whereby any human could be saved.  Again, notice, could be saved, not automatically saved just because you said it, confessed it and believed it.  Rom 10:9 is a passage of scripture that is used to convince sinners that that’s all they need to do to be saved.  WRONG! DEAD WRONG! It’s unfortunate because these unlearned religious leaders aren’t themselves led by the Holy Spirit because they don’t have it.  Yeah they sound eloquent and regal preaching about it but they themselves never followed Jesus’ instructions on receiving it.  All one would have to do is just go to the beginning of the chapter and if you have the KJV of the Bible read the very first word, brethren.  The Apostle Paul NEVER called a sinner a brother, that’s solely for born again believers.  So, in order for one to “be saved”, they first must “get saved”. 

Jesus had a very monumental conversation with King Nicodemus back in John 3.  He first tells him that if you are not born again you will not be able to understand spiritual things.  Then later He speaks again but time, drops a spiritual bomb on him by saying if you are not born of the water (water baptism) and of the Spirit (filled with the Holy Spirit) one CANNOT enter heaven!

And to think, there are religious leaders in your neighborhoods and communities all over South St Pete that believe that you don’t have to have both to be saved and make it in or to even be a leader in the church.

Well, I guess they either have had that conversation with Jesus and He gave them “special” permission to violate His Word or everyone’s Bible has a misprint.

There I go with the sarcasm again.

Let’s leave it right there this week, I think you have more than enough to hold you till next week.  Trust, you gonna want to come back and get some more of this.


Till next week,

Blessings Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Jr.

Aka Bishop Buzzkill

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