The new Florida West Coast Diocese, COGATH, Intl.

Praise the Lord,


I gotta start this out right by wishing the Love of My Life, First Elect Lady Jill A Harrison, Happy 31st Anniversary!!! Words can’t begin to explain the joy, peace, and happiness experienced over this incredible journey.  Six kids, seven grads, and so much more. It’s almost like a Disney fairy tale of rags to riches to GLORY HALLELUJAH!

Don’t get it twisted, I only use the word rags so that you can get the frame of mindset because I don’t regret a single second and wouldn’t change one thing along these testimonies after testimonies of how Jesus brought us through it all.

Talk about a sabbatical, yes, it’s been a minute and man how so much has past and so much is still happening and yet to cover.

Most of it good, but in the end, you know I’m just gonna be who God has Blessed me to be, Bishop Buzzkill.

Let me start out by saying as you can see from the new photo we are officially part of the Executive Board of Bishops of Church of God and True Holiness Intl., COGATH, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

It’s been quite some journey but through it all, our faith never failed.  I’ve been giving second thoughts on having an appreciation service as its been 20 years now.  I’m officially the Florida West Coast Diocese for the organization and I believe that in and of itself is worthy of celebrating so we will be planning it this year.  We never celebrated in the past because as my former Pastor said, we pastors should have saints appreciation day because without them we don’t have jobs.

We traveled to Richmond, Va., for our Annual Holy Convocation and they had the ceremony during Friday’s service.  The trip was tiring as we, I drove the entire distance, but we had a chance to visit my baby girl and hubby and got acquainted with our new church family. AMAZING AND AWESOME time in the Lord and we can’t wait for next year’s in either Buffalo, NY or Niagara Falls and I will be on program and will be having a health and wellness workshop focusing on the holistic approach to curing us folks.

We have still been doing Facebook Live and have now added Zoom services every Tuesday at 7 p.m., Thursday at 7p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m., and we have been getting a very good reply as I present a hybrid form of services combining interactive Bible study and regular services catering more towards teaching the Word of God.  No, ain’t no music, singing, or entertaining of such because I believe God has led me to understand that with the way the world is functioning now, empowering through educating is considerably more important.

The world has lost its God conscience and its time they are reminded that God is still real, Live, and sin is still against His Word and there are consequences for every action or deed we do.

While it appears that anything and everything goes and it’s a free for all, this is evidence that Satan has masterfully orchestrated his plan to deceive the whole world into believing that we all made it into heaven. The devil is a liar.

It has always been a desire of mine to seek and to save the lost, I also have been commissioned to preach and teach truth, correct those who err in doctrine or behavior/conduct without reservation and in the Spirit of Love, not my spirit but the Holy Spirit.

I’ve tried to reach out to some that have erred but it wasn’t received in the Spirit in which it was given so I have to just continue to be act like the seventy Jesus sent out two by two in the Book of Luke. There Jesus told them that if they are received the people would be blessed, if they didn’t receive the Word, kick the dust off their feet and keep moving and they would not be blessed but judged.

I always ask for the ones that the Word cut and whine about being judged you should consider it a blessing that God has sent someone to correct not judge you prior to it getting to Him because if you wait till then, there ain’t no retribution or redemption or repentance after death.  We have now to get it right and if Heaven is your goal, you had better do your due diligence to correct your wrongs while you still have time.

As for the leaders that are misleading the people of God, like God sent Ezekiel to warn the leaders, Woe to the shepherds.  We must be first partakers and I truly sympathize with the ministers, deacons who have been lead astray and feel there are no alternatives.

Holiness is right and the only true believe, faith or doctrine.

Keeping it brief this week but we will get back into the regular swing of things.

Till next week,

Blessings Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Jr.

Aka Bishop Buzzkill

True Holiness Worship Ministries, Inc.

Florida West Coast Diocese

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