The truth is told in ‘Black History 365’


Complaints about the lack of Black history in America’s classrooms could be fixed with the curriculum offered by Black History 365: An inclusive account of American history. The unique teaching strategy combines Black history facts with engaging music soundtracks produced by Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer Kevin Khao Cates, who produced for T.I., Ludacris, Pharrell and Snoop Dog.

The tech-savvy curriculum is designed to reach all ages and ethnic groups among teachers and students.

“The accounts of African-American history spanning ancient Africa through modern times also prepares teachers of all ethnicities to present racially sensitive subject matter to a diverse student population,” said author and co-founder Walter Milton.

According to Joel Freeman, co-founder and co-author, the need to include Black history in the American academic framework grew out of sheer determination.

“More than two and a half years of 12-16 hour days, Walter and I worked hard to co-author the Black History 365 textbook,” Freeman said. “Even though our K-12 curriculum is designed especially for schools, it engages all ages, and it has become our love letter to the world.”

In partnership with STEP Media Group, the Black History Month initiatives, which included BH365 Album, dropped in early February more than 40 songs and hit #3 on iTunes and #7 on Amazon Music.

Former Ambassador Andrew Young, Media Mogul Cathy Hughes, Smokey Robinson and Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump are among the advisory board members for the curriculum, which provides accounts of African-American history and prepares teachers of all ethnicities to present racially sensitive subject matter to a diverse student population.

The effort promises to reveal the remarkable story of the African American legacy absent from the nation’s history lessons.

Join them for a virtual open house on March 18. Their executive team members will give you a personal introduction to the BH365 curriculum to show you why it’s much more than just a textbook — it’s a culture. Click here to register.

To learn more about the program, contact Carleen Brown at

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