You Can Heal Yourself and Your Life


Louise Hay is the author of the world-famous book, You Can Heal Your Life, and the founder of Hay House Publishing Company. This book is like a second Bible to me. My mantra is, “I AM a metaphysician, and I heal myself (Luke 4:23).”

When faced with a health challenge, I refer to this book to see what my body is telling me and what I need to do to heal myself. I used to have chronic back pain and I learned that back pain has to do with not feeling loved and support. I was able to heal myself by affirming, “I AM loved and I AM supported. I AM not alone.” I also ensured that I had a partner or an assistant before I started a new career project or ministry venture. I secured my support system up front so that my back did not have to hurt and remind me of the importance of mutual support.

I frequently recommend this book to family, friends, and clients. They always manifest astounding healings through the utilization of this resource. Pray several times a day and throughout the week. You can find Louise Hay’s Healing Prayer, written below. Get a journal and write your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you pray this prayer and join the collective healing consciousness. It is my prayer that this prayer will bless you and empower you to heal yourself.

“Good health is my Divine right. I AM open and receptive to all the healing energies in the universe. I know that every cell in my body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself. My body is always working toward perfect health. I now release any and all impediments to my perfect health. It is in the name and through the power and in the consciousness of Christ Jesus that it is so and so it is and so I let it be. Amen and Amen.”

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Today’s Church Tampa Bay, 940 5th Ave. S, St. Petersburg (Staybridge Suites) and 5107 North Central Ave., Tampa.

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