Black millennials prominent in Biden campaign

Roosevelt Holmes, Biden/Harris Southern Region Coalitions director

BY JODI YONDER, Contributor

ORLANDO—The number of African-American millennials working on the Biden Harris presidential campaign is striking.  And for the first time, they are in power positions and making decisions that will greatly influence the election outcome.

One of the important groups filling out the democratic profile is coalitions. For all practical purposes, coalitions are the Democratic Party. A few include Black, Hispanic, Caribbean, veterans, seniors, women, environmental, labor, LGBTQ, American Jews, Muslim, public education, college and rural counties.

Democrats want to be sure everyone’s covered.

Florida native Roosevelt Holmes is the Southern Region Coalitions director for the Biden Harris campaign, where battleground states North Carolina, Georgia, and where ground zero is the Sunshine State. It is a critical assignment.

Mobilizing coalitions is vital to the success of the campaign. Holmes began his career working for Congresswoman Kathy Castor of Tampa, then went on to the campaigns of President Barack Obama, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and was a senior advisor at the Florida Democratic Party.  Before the coalition director post, Holmes was a political director to gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Through all of his wide-ranging political experiences, Holmes acquired quite a contact list and established a reputation for being a problem solver and a listener. He’s also known to keep his word.  Armed with the characteristics necessary to navigate a divergent array of people, he graciously does the job.

“People are different. We have to understand their views and needs. My faith has been my rock, and it tells us that this is our purpose.  To help each other and get along. That’s pretty simplistic, but that’s how I see it,” said Holmes, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the nation’s oldest Black Greek fraternity, whose most famous member is Dr. Martin Luther King.

“Working for Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris gives me the opportunity to help move us forward. The country needs leadership that will unify all of us, and I’m proud to play a role in that team effort.”

Holmes prominence caught the eye of Influence magazine, where he is described as “a rising star who will have his hands full in 2022.” He joins a contingent of young Black political leaders who will have an essential role in planning our future.

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