Breaking the Cycle: Speaking in tongues

Praise the Lord Saints.

Last week was a very “interesting” one to say the least.

I was quite busy attending several meetings, preaching, teaching, etc.

From it one thing I can say, there needs to be more teaching on the subject of the gift of speaking in tongues, diverse kinds of tongues, unity, understanding who has these gifts and why you may or may not have them and the importance of knowing if you have them.

I know that was a mouthful, but it’s vitally important to know that in order for the Spirit of God to move on a situation, He must be present.  And just because you felt you had it and believe you have it doesn’t mean you do.

God never gave us His Spirit for feeling emotion, or anything else connected with the human spirit.  God’s Spirit is NOT our spirit. Notice when I speak of God’s Spirit I use a capital “S” and ours a lowercase “s.”  We are nothing without His Spirit but lost souls trying to find Him and it’s like being dropped off in the deep wood s without a compass and map trying to navigate our own way out.

Read the following scriptures, Acts 2:4; 4:31; 13:52-14:1-3; 10:45-46; 19:6; Mark 16:14-18.

If after reading these you don’t believe that the evidence of speaking in tongues is the only evidence that one has the Holy Ghost, then you must please show me in the bible where it says otherwise.

You can talk the talk till the cows come home but if you know you have never heard an unknown tongue come out of your mouth, you can’t possibly believe you have it.  Evidence also will be your actions but this is secondary because the bible says that those that received it also had all things common and began to work together to seek and save the lost.  They did not close their doors and circle the wagons around their own.  God commanded the disciples to go into all the world preaching and teaching His ways.  If there were more teachings we would not have the issues and isms and schisms within the body of Christ as we do today.

The bible is so clear on this subject you would have to pay someone to help you not understand it.  Also, I will never apologize for God blessing me with the spiritual gifts He has given to me.  Some people will have a problem with you because they were not given spiritual gifts and you were.  I say, too bad so sad.  He is no respecter of person as it relates to this subject so all you have to do is do what I did along with many other saints I know and you too can have His Spirit. I know this because His Word says it. (Acts 2:38).  Anytime you see the word “shall” in the Bible and God is speaking, it’s a promise from Him and it shall come to past.

One thing I know for certain, you can tarry and receive His Spirit but one thing is clear, you have to let go and let God rest, rule and abide in your life and allow Him to take over all of your issues, both great and small.  If not, then you will just continue in the manner you have always did.

You can’t con God; trick Him or anything else in order to receive His Spirit.  And you must prove to others you have it if you are in leadership. In the Gospels from Matthew-Luke, near the end of each, except Luke (24), you will find Jesus telling the disciples to go to Jerusalem until they get “power!”  That power is His Holy Ghost Power!  Without it, God can’t regulate you or buffer you so that you don’t get into yourself when leading His People.  Basically, you can’t be trusted.  Notice that when the disciples arrived in Jerusalem they went to the Upper Room and did tarry and received the Holy Ghost and what happened immediately following them receiving the Holy Ghost, Acts 2: 1-11.  God didn’t use them until they all received His Spirit.

You can think you can handle it or you have been handling it but let me assure you, you can’t without His Spirit.

I beseech you all who know who you are to ask God for His Spirit that you may be used of Him for His divine Purpose and grow your ministries to the levels they deserve and start teaching on this until everyone under your leadership desires to and will tarry to get it as well.

Y’all know how to reach me and I am available for workshops, seminars, whatever you want to call it on this subject matter and anything you feel can help to grow this community and neighborhoods all in the efforts to save our kids and build a better tomorrow.

If you take offense to it, prove me wrong according to the Scriptures, and not theology, opinion, feelings, grand ma’s teachings, etc.

Your time would be better served asking me to come and teach it to your church if you need it.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Dr. Rob

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