Comedian Kathy Griffin said, ‘F#$k off Tim Scott’

South Carolina, Republican Senator Tim Scott, revealed said he wouldn’t be breaking party ranks to vote in favor of President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick, criticizing her ‘record of judicial activism.’

Dear Editor:

Angered by Senator Tim Scott’s decision to not support Judge Kentaji Brown’s nomination to the Supreme Court, comedian Kathy Griffin expressed her outrage by telling the senator to “f**k off.” Frankly, I believe that Griffin’s feelings fall in line with millions of Americans. It is just that too many of us are trying to be “politically correct,” much to our own detriment.

A guest being interviewed on MSNBC said to her host, “It will pain my heart to see Tim Scott cast his vote against Judge Kentanji Brown.” Now that is true political correctness. But I like Griffin’s statement more, a lot more. Her statement is straight to the point, and you can feel her emotions.

It seems that Senator Scott’s vote will carry an extra burden because he is the only African-American senator who is turning his back on this historic nominee who happens to be African American, extremely well qualified, distinguished, and possessing the right demeanor to serve on the nation’s highest court.

Instead of offering his support, Scott resorted to his political party’s nonsensical rhetoric: Judge Brown is too much a judicial activist, too soft on crime, too much out of the mainstream. To all of this I say, Tim Scott is too full of bulls#*t.

Speaking of bulls#*t, Scott tried to persuade voters to support Donald Trump during a GOP convention speech, saying, “The socialist Democrats will lead to a collapse of law and order.”

Tim, sit your stupid butt down and look at the hours of tape concerning Jan. 6. Enough said!

The Republican Party is the party of NO, no doubt. Their agenda is to see the Democrats fail on ALL their proposals regardless of how great they might be for the American people.

Whether we’re talking about reducing the prices of life-saving drugs, extending healthcare to millions of citizens without health insurance, enacting sensible strategies to reducing gun violence in our country, protecting our environment, protecting women’s right to choose, holding rogue police officers accountable for their misdeeds, investigating an attack on our nation’s capital and our very form of government, or what have you, the Republicans are NO, NO, NO, NO and more Nos. This puts Scott’s vote in the proper context. Forget his rhetorical bulls#*t.

I want to share a damning perspective for Scott and his fellow thugs to ponder in relation to all the nonsense they have spewed regarding Judge Brown. First, their party is led by a twice impeached, pathetic serial liar, self-admitted sexual abuser, who more than likely has violated criminal statutes for decades.

Secondly, the Republican party is strongly supported by what has been described as a “basket of deplorables.” As we look closely into that basket, we will find neo-Nazis, white supremacists, KKK members, white nationalists, rogue law enforcement officers, filthy suit-wearing racists, including Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity types.

Thirdly, today’s Republican party is supported by a large group of phony religious prophets who probably wouldn’t know God even if He walked up on them and slapped them in the face. So, Scott stands with all of this stupidity instead of Judge Brown.

At one point, Scott proudly claimed he was a virgin very late into adulthood. This might explain it all for him personally. Therefore, Griffin’s comment takes on a whole new meaning.

–Ray Tampa

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