Givens launches citywide voter registration drive

Community activist Corey Givens Jr. announced his political committee, St. Pete Now, has registered as a third-party voter registration organization.

ST. PETERSBURGCommunity activist Corey Givens Jr. announced that his political committee, St. Pete Now, has registered as a third-party voter registration organization and will begin registering, educating, and mobilizing voters throughout St. Petersburg to build a grassroots coalition of socially consensus voters.

Givens said the key to increasing voter turn-out in the 2022 midterm election — and beyond — will be rebuilding the electorate by reaching out to communities that have often been disregarded and ignored by both major political parties. He acknowledges the division that the two-party system in America has created.

“Folks feel jaded,” Givens said. “The only way we are going to get everyday people to participate in the democratic process is by talking to them about everyday issues: affordable housing, healthcare, education, and the environment. Make it personal, not about politics. We build political power by reaching people where they are and listening to what they have to say.”

Givens’ announcement came on the 54th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Givens stated, “The best way for us to keep Dr. King’s dream alive is by uniting to ensure that every U.S. citizen has equal access to the ballot box.”

St. Pete Now will focus on non-partisan quality of life issues and educate voters on navigating the political system. It has already begun training a team of 11 volunteer organizers who will assist Givens in accomplishing the organization’s goal of 3,000 new registered voters by the end of 2023.

St. Pete Now will kick off its voter registration event at the south St. Pete Shell gas station on Saturday, April 23. The event starts at noon at 1800 34th St. S.

RSVP at For more information, please contact (727) 433-5477

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