Entrepreneur Cynthia Milhouse opens Tru Essential Skincare Spa

Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin and Mayor Rick Kriseman congratulated Cynthia Milhouse on her new venture as a business owner at the ribbon-cutting ceremony last month.
BY KARIN DAVIS-THOMPSON, Staff Writer ST. PETERSBURG — When Cynthia Milhouse moved to Florida from Georgia, she noticed changes in her skin almost immediately. “The heat and the sun were brutal,” she said. “I had to see a dermatologist and esthetician.” Throughout the process, she learned more about the importance of sunscreen and began to educate herself on the different ingredients companies use in sunscreen and how it all impacts the skin. “I went on a journey learning about the effects of the sun and its aging capabilities to the skin and how damaging it could be if we do not protect our skin,” said the 51-year-old. The more Milhouse learned, the more her passion began to grow. She realized she wanted to sell skincare products and teach people how to properly care for their skin and the importance of a skincare regimen. After much research and determination, Tru Essential Skincare Spa was born, with Milhouse opening for business in July. But getting to opening day took a lot of dedication. “I had been taking classes and writing plans and handling the administrative duties for months,” the mother of three said. After getting the business permits, licenses, and business plan complete, it was time for Milhouse to find a location. She was wait-listed for rental spots, but once she found a space that worked for her business, things seemed to begin to move at warp speed. “It only took four weeks to set up the room and have it ready for clients in July,” said the Georgia native. The St. Petersburg Greenhouse celebrated her grand opening with remarks from the mayor and a ribbon-cutting last month. The Greenhouse is an organization that provides local small business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and education they need to grow their businesses. During the ceremony, Milhouse thanked everyone for their support and explained why helping clients with their skincare journey is essential to her. “It’s my passion,” she told the crowd. “It’s my desire to create a welcoming space where we can just go on the journey together.” Milhouse, who is a licensed esthetician, said she loves the opportunity having a business affords her to invest in herself and her dreams. She encourages anyone thinking about starting a business to get up and go for it. “It’s just like starting a job except you are the boss,” she stated. “If there is an overwhelming day, you get to tell yourself to step back and take a break. Starting my business is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” As she continues to work a full-time job, Milhouse works with four to seven clients a week as she builds clientele. She said educating those she serves is the best part of her business. “I like how I can change my client’s perspective regarding how they feel about their skin,” she said. Tru Essential Skincare Spa offers various services, including facials, peels, lip and eye treatments, and microdermabrasion. The spa is located at 6920 22nd Ave. N suite 109. To make an appointment or for more information, visit  truessentialskincare.com or call 727-251-7040.

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