What do you need to be truly healthy?


ST. PETERSBURG —  What does it mean to be healthy? Most people think that having ripped abs and big muscles mean you’re healthy. Those individuals may be in shape, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy.

Did you know that people that do cross fit training often suffer from kidney and heart problems? They’re in shape but not in a healthy way. Most of the people that train in cross fit do not have the fitness background that a personal trainer has.

Oftentimes, these individuals get their licenses in a couple of days with a multiple choice question test. To have a truly healthy body, you must get some kind of professional information.

The body is designed to adapt to whatever it’s put through so when you work out you will hit a plateau, which is when your body is used to your workout and you stop seeing results.

If you do not have knowledge of this, you may think you’re doing something wrong and get discouraged and want to quit. That is why you need to have someone help you pass this plateau and keep up your results.

Good health comes from your diet! You need to know what you are putting into your body. Processed food is packed with preservatives and chemicals that are not meant for human consumption.

Food companies have the FDA in their pockets, and your health is not put before their greed. This is why we need to take control over our food and not rely on the system to take care of us.

The way you eat is also a major factor on how your body will develop on your road to fitness. There are so many different ways you can control your diet. Try these simple hacks:

1. Use a smaller plate so you will not over eat.

2. Prep your meals so when you get hungry you will not reach for the quickest meal.

3. Find a stomach and intestine detox system.

The body holds most of its toxicants in the form of mucus, so trust me when I say you’ll feel better after a detoxing.

All of these factors play a major role in your overall health. You have to do more than just workout to be healthy.

You must consult with your doctor or go to your local clinic to make a sure that there is nothing wrong with you physically so unknown injuries will not slow up your progress. Also, make sure to ask them plenty of questions about what you should and should not be doing. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Although you can learn a lot from YouTube videos, when it comes to fitness there are many factors that can come into play. The most important factor to remember is that no one is the same, so what works for some may not work for you.

Now I am not saying not to look up things to do in the gym when you get tired of the same old routine, I’m just saying not to base your whole fitness routine around a YouTube personality making workout videos.

My advice is to get a personal trainer. You can find trainers at almost every gym you go to, but trust me when I say it will cost you a lot. Most trainers start at $85 for a 30-minute session and go up per sessions and time.

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and leg just to get healthy. That’s why the All Peoples TyRon Lewis Community Gym has the best prices and the best trainers. Our goal is to train you to the point that you will not need a trainer after a couple months. Our training starts at $60 for the month because it’s about your health and not the dollar.

You can find the All Peoples TyRon Lewis Community Gym at 1327 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. St. S. We are open 6 a.m. to noon then open back up from 4-8 p.m. Come support your community and get healthy at the same time.

For more information, please call (727) 824-5670.

Shango Ntoyambaa is a certified personal trainer who uses his knowledge and experience of playing football, wrestling, boxing and track and field to help train others.

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