Local mission group returning to Africa in 2022

ST. PETERSBURG — A local mission group from St. Petersburg is returning to Liberia, West Africa. Amberia Missions, Inc., formerly known as Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission, is an independent non-profit Christian organization based in St. Petersburg.  Rev. George Graham founded the mission group in 2012.  He is a veteran missionary who has served in Liberia since 1974. The group had a life-changing experience in the mission fields of Liberia in Jan. 2019.

Deacon Ernie Coney, the board’s president, is deeply passionate about the mission’s work. Amberia Mission is made up of Christian believers from various churches working together to do God’s will in Africa.

“God said, ‘Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.’ And that is what we do, said Coney.”

With the support of area churches and individuals, the mission has helped in building an elementary school (over 200 children) and pay the monthly salaries of the school’s four teachers. By paying the salaries, the students pay no tuition.

The mission has also provided school supplies, uniforms and desks. They have supported local farmers with technical training, tools, seeds, animals and cages. The goal is to help promote self-sufficiency.

Amberia’s current project is the completion of a 200-person church building. Future projects include a medical clinic and a microloan program to start small businesses.

A decade-long civil war has destroyed what little they had; 54 percent of Liberians live below the poverty level. The people are wonderful and eager to work toward changing their circumstances. Though poor, they still greet you with a warm smile and with genuine hospitality. There is much to be done in Liberia.

Amberia Missions, Inc. concentrates its effort in five ministry areas: Christian growth and development, education, medical, agriculture and construction.

“The work can’t get done from inside of the church buildings. We must go out! For those who can’t go, please support and pray for those who do,” said Coney. “God gives us all the gifts of time, talent and treasure.  Not to be kept but to share.”

Returning to the motherland to give back is a privilege and an honor. If God has put it on your heart to be a participant or a supporter of Amberia Missions’ work, go to amberiamissionsinc.org to donate and to see God’s work being done.

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