National donations for local reparations platform

Dear Editor:

My name is Eritha Akile Cainion, and with the support of the people, I’ll be the next District 7 City Councilwoman in St. Petersburg.

I am the only person in my race running on a platform of reparations to the black community, the only genuinely progressive platform that addresses the oppression, needs, and aspirations of the black community — something rarely done in an election.

I’m running at a critical time, where the south side black community is being pushed out to make room for expensive luxury apartments and other developments by big money, predatory land developers.

The city government has revealed their priorities — turning this city into a playground for millionaires at the expense of the black community and all working people in this city.

This campaign, however, is determined to set the priorities of our city straight and put power into the hands of the people.

The vision of a reparations city, where gentrification has come to a screeching halt, where there is progress for every community, has captivated the imagination of thousands across the country; where the issues we face in St. Pete mirror those in New York, California, Illinois, Texas, etc.

So much so that in one week, our campaign was able to raise $13,000 from donors located in 39 states across the U.S., from more than 500 individual contributions.

We gained so much support that in trying to enter the campaign finance reports, which are mandatory for every candidate, the city’s reporting system crashed TWICE, unable to process such overwhelming support with its current set up.

This is believed to be the first time that’s ever happened, including in a mayoral election.

The donations averaged out to $27 a person, which proves this is a people-powered campaign!

My opponent, the incumbent, has the financial support of big real estate developers and the establishment. I am incredibly proud of the fact that my campaign and our platform of reparations and economic development for the black community are spreading like wildfire, receiving the support of people from around the country.

In addition to those who live in St. Pete who have donated, black people around the U.S. are clamoring for our victory because they can see that a victory for us is a victory for them, a victory for black people in every city who are fighting back against the same gentrification that is happening here. This is a victory for the movement of reparations!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the supporters of this campaign, whether volunteering your time, donating, and or sharing our content with friends and family in person or via social media, it is the power of the people that are making these victories happen.

It will be all of you that secure the future of the black community in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The people will win this battle against gentrification, corruption and big monied interests.

Big money won’t get to pay for the candidate that they want to continue doing their bidding.

They won’t get to buy this election!

The people’s movement is here, we are not backing down, and we will fight until victory is won.

I thank all of you for your tremendous support; because of you, we will make history!

We are winning!

Make the south side black again!

Unity through reparations!

Fill in your ballot for Eritha Akile Cainion for District 7 City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 27!

Visit to donate and learn more about my 10-point reparations platform.

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