PCS Journeys and Journalism students adjusting to virtual learning

ST. PETERSBURG — Learning is continuing for students in Pinellas County Schools’ Journeys and Journalism Magnet program. The three schools in the magnet program are Melrose Elementary, John Hopkins Middle and Lakewood High schools.

At Melrose Elementary, the scholars adjusted to virtual learning by setting up their laptops and taking part in a journalism challenge. Called Melrose Virtual Learning Challenge, scholars were taught step-by-step by journalism teacher Natalie El Amrani how to open their webcam, take a photo and upload to Microsoft Teams. 

A schoolwide story challenge was also held for scholars in grades-two through five, where they were encouraged to submit short stories about virtual learning. Those stories were shared across social media platforms.

At Lakewood High, students collected and submitted selfies for a journalism assignment. The goal of the assignment was to see what the Lakewood community has been up to since the governor’s stay-at-home order was implemented. Students shared their activities and thoughts about digital education and the effect that the quarantine is having on them.

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