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I have had several people ask me recently what I thought about the flu shot or vaccine. So, I decided to write this week’s article on that topic. I will start by saying I personally do not get them, and here’s why.

Dr. Donald Washington, a professor of surgery at the University of Washington recommends avoiding the flu shot and taking vitamin D instead. There have been reports stating that 70 percent of medical physicians refuse to take the flu shot themselves. Seventy percent is a lot, don’t you think?

The next time your physician asks you to take a flu shot, ask he or she if they get a flu shot every year and make sure you look them in the eye when they answer. You know that old country saying: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?”

In addition, I know a lot of natural healthcare providers, which include chiropractic physicians, doctors of naturopathic medicine and doctors of Chinese medicine, that steer clear of it as well.

There are certain health officials that alarm people with incorrect statistics, stating that 36,000 people each year die of influenza (flu). However, the deaths are actually from pneumonia or cardiovascular problems.

These false statistics frighten people into running to take the vaccine, which only serves to make billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies. According to CDC statistics, the actual number of deaths is around 1,138 per year.

The flu virus is so adaptable and changes rapidly enough that by the time most people get a flu vaccine that virus they are being vaccinated against has already mutated and is no longer the same virus. Therefore, the vaccine is no longer effective for it.

Let’s review the flu symptoms, which include fever, chills, runny nose, muscle aches, cough, fatigue and decreased appetite. Dr. Washington reports that a certain vitamin D dosage is more effective.

Every year in early winter, health authorities travel to Asia to determine which flu strains are being seen there. Then, they assume that those same strains will be coming to the U.S. At this point, the pharmaceutical companies that make flu vaccines begin production for the Asian strains. However, the strains that wind up in the U.S. have already mutated so are not the same.

Also, according to osteopathic physician Dr. Joseph Mercola, inside that flu vaccine is a whole host of toxins and cancer-causing ingredients. How they are made is very interesting. The flu virus is cultivated inside of a chick embryo and then deactivated with formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing agent. It is then preserved with a chemical called thimerosal, which is made up of 49 percent mercury.

If you have studied the information on vaccines, you probably know more than your physician on this topic. One doctor’s office was called and asked if mercury was in the vaccine and they said no, just something called thimerosal. The CDC states most vaccines contain thimerosal, thus 49 percent mercury. Some contain more than 25 mcg of mercury per dose, which is 250 times the EPA’s safety limits.

Most realize that fetuses and babies are most likely harmed by these vaccines due to their exposure to this neurotoxin while their brains are going through development. Yet, it is still recommended that pregnant women and babies get the flu shot.

So what else is in the flu shot besides mercury? Here is the list: aluminum, ethylene glycol (used in antifreeze), Triton X-100 (detergent), Phenol (carbolic acid), Beta-propiolactone (disinfectant), Nonoxynol (used to stop growth of STDs), Octoxinol 9 (spermicide), sodium phosphate, weakened viruses, animal DNA, latex and other toxins.

Astonishing isn’t it? So, now you can weigh the pros and cons of accepting the flu shot and make decide for yourself.

Dr. Ramona Valentine

Dr. Ramona Valentine

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