A new leader takes the helm

Pinellas County Job Corps Center (PCJCC) welcomes Omoniyi Amoran as its newest center director.
ST. PETERSBURG — With more than 25 years of Job Corps experience under his belt, the Pinellas County Job Corps Center (PCJCC) welcomes Omoniyi Amoran as its newest center director. ODLE Management, the parent company that operates multiple Job Corps centers across the country, re-aligned multiple center directors as it prepares to expand its Job Corps operations. By doing so, former Center Director Samuel Kolapo, has been assigned to the Albuquerque center. With a proven track record for elevating Job Corps centers, Omoniyi Amoran was brought back to the Sunshine State to further grow the presence of the Pinellas County Center. Having started his career with Job Corps as a residential advisor and with ODLE Management in 2019, Amoran has ascended through the ranks as a residential living manager, training manager, and center standards and incentives manager. With multiple appointments in leadership roles and as a center director, he has a comprehensive understanding of Job Corps operations at every level. This expertise will allow him to shepherd the Pinellas County Center to the next level by increasing its presence in the community. Staff accountability and putting students first serve as the foundation of his management style. Those attributes, coupled with his tenure on multiple workforce boards, help solidify his ability to work in concert with the community, students, and those under his leadership. Those boards include the City of New York Workforce Board Youth Committee, the Little Rock Youth Workforce Board, and the Lower Savannah Council of Government Workforce, South Carolina. Mr. Amoran prescribes to a hands-on methodology as it relates to his management style. It is not uncommon to see him walking the campus multiple times a day, speaking directly with students and staff. However, his trust to allow his team to forge ahead with ideas designed to provide optimum support for his team and educational development for students is ever-present. His actions support his desire to be well-connected to his students and their needs.  This approach has proven to be highly successful as we navigate a post COVID workforce environment.

Ann Sherman-White

Utilizing his University of Florida post-graduate degree in linguistics, Amoran envisions a Pinellas County Center where all students are challenged to reach their maximum potential while developing interpersonal skills needed to forge a future steeped in community service and heighten financial prosperity. By his side are his wife and three children. Please welcome Omoniyi Amoran as the new center director for the Pinellas County Job Corps Center.

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