St. Petersburg Youth Farm

A vote for change

By Ramona Mitchell, 15 | Artwork by Jae-Din Bryant, Youth Farm Participants

Voting is a very big thing for everyone. It is a collective decision that is used to express an opinion, statement or questions. My name is Ramona Mitchell, I am 15 years old, I am currently a St. Pete resident, and my opinion matters just as much as anyone else’s does.

I may not be able to vote for major things such as presidential elections, school board members, etc., but I have a voice that can be heard.

I can say that the U.S. isn’t under the best leadership and not many positive and impacting circumstances, considering this global pandemic and the injustice that U.S. citizens are dealt daily. Our Election Day is Nov. 3, but not many people seem to be concerned about this; it is a major deal right now considering who we have as our current president who isn’t taking much action to ensure the safety of the people he vowed to protect.

He continues to create unruly situations that are only good for supremacists and “high authority people.” But on Nov. 3, our parents and our older cousins, our older sisters, and our brothers have the power to change this by going out and voting!

As I said, I may not be able to vote, but I do have a voice that can be used to help encourage people to vote for better. I don’t speak too much on things I don’t know about, but it’s cruel to think that people are out here supporting such people as our president, only because these people don’t think there’s anything that he can do to affect them or anyone else negatively.

If he obtains four more years in his chair, he will continue to break down our economy and destroy our community. So that one date, Nov. 3, I encourage you to vote for better because that’s how we make the place that we live in great.

America has never been great and will never be great unless we do something to change this. Everyone deserves the right to vote, but some people don’t have that. So, if you have the right to vote, help those who can’t, help out those who feel like they have no voice, and make a change. GO VOTE!

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