‘God Give Us Peace’: Timely song and music video featuring community

Tanya LaReese’s new music video, directed by Clint Mourino of Sharp Edge Entertainment, gives hope in these trying times.


ST. PETERSBURG — Anxiety, civil unrest, turmoil, panic are just a few words that can be used to describe 2020.

With the St. Pete community still reeling from the senseless murder of 23-year-old Arnieceia Milton, the pandemic raging on, hunger and displaced families, comfort and hope can be found in local artist Tanya LaReese’s song and music video, “God Give Us Peace.”

Oh dear God please heal the land

We need to work together to make this a better place

Before it’s too late, my God

Dear God, give us peace

Accompanied by her soul-stirring lyrics vocals, LaReese’s music video depicts the gritty realism of today’s society: Homelessness, domestic violence, drug abuse and sexual exploitation.

Filmed in the heart of Midtown at Mt. Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, the video features the surrounding neighborhood. Eighteen community members came together to bring the song to life visually.

LaReese originally recorded “God Give Us Peace” in 2007 on her “Ready or Not” CD.  The song came out of a dark time in her history.  Her husband, Edgar, was shot eight times during a robbery when they were out bike riding. She was also struggling to assist a friend break the chains of addiction.

“When I wrote the song, I was searching for peace myself.”

LaReese said that the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and today’s turmoil motivated her to re-release it.

Look for your friends and family in the video:

  • Tanya LaReese – Singer/songwriter
  • Dontrail Jackson Sr. – Older drug dealer
  • Ashley Jackson – Wife in family walking up to the homeless woman
  • Alexys Perry – Teenage girl at the playground
  • Ryana Jackson – Little girl walking up to the homeless woman with her family
  • Javi D’Rosa – Husband in family walking up to the homeless woman
  • Joyce Nanette Johnson – Battered woman
  • Kasha D. Scott – Mother of gunshot victim
  • Paul E. Roberson – Drug dealer attacking young drug dealer
  • Kenneth K. Roberson – Young drug dealer/gunshot victim
  • Heaven R. Roberson – Young girl at the playground
  • Luke Wright – Young man throwing the basketball
  • Nicole Watkins – Prostitute
  • Tamika Samuel – Homeless woman
  • Jontavia’ Bristol – Young woman who leaves baby at church steps
  • Tino Burney – Baby
  • Keon Maxwell Jr. – Young boy in family walking up to the homeless woman
  • Timeka Walker – Minister
  • Claire Albiez – Female counselor to prostitute
  • Sen. Darryl Rouson – Male counselor to prostitute

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