Life has a way of working out

BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG –Life has a way of working itself, according to Eriana Redix, a recent graduate of the class of 2017 Business, Economics, Technology Academy at Gibbs High School.

She’s a firm believer in the saying: “life is what you make it.”  She feels that anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself and are willing to work at it and that everyone should work towards making the community and world a better place.

Eriana, who lives with her grandparents, Cora and Fred Redix, is the daughter of Ashlea Webb and Eric Redix. She believes in looking at the big picture when making plans and decisions in her life, and acknowledges that seeing green turf doesn’t mean that grass is the actual surface. Artificial turf is also green.

Many people who have no clear goals and vision of where they are going miss their mark because they have not accurately assessed their situation, but not Eriana.

“I made myself a vision board to remind me of my goals.  This kept me focused as I saw and reflected on them daily,” stated Eriana. “Before I did this, I was just going about day to day not knowing what I was accomplishing. It’s frustrating knowing that you’re a person of excellence, but the results don’t say it.”

She stayed involved with the Future Business Leaders of America, the AKAdemy, Emerging Young Leaders, College Prep 101, Faith Memorial Church Choir and Praise Dance Ministry and joined her high school soccer team because she believed these all made up a good support system.

Eriana found keeping up with her grades, working extended hours, being involved in extracurricular activities and staying focus on the big picture to be very challenging. By staying focused on her goals and looking ahead to the future, she was able to accomplish everything she has set her mind to.

While attending Gibbs, Eriana received the Dr. Mac J. Williams, Sr. Academic Excellence Award, Gilford and Robinson Youth Award and the Gibbs High School Student Achievement and Excellence Award.

“Eriana will accomplish great things,” said Mary A. Franklin, her aunt and one of her mentors.

She did great things in the community such as volunteering for President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign and volunteering at Clothes to Kid, which provides clothes to children in need.

Her motivation to serve others is in line with her personal life statement that is taken from her favorite scripture: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

Despite her many involvements, most people do not realize that Eriana is a really shy person. She vows to work on trying to be more extroverted.

In the fall, Eriana plans to attend Florida A&M University and major in nursing. After obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing, she hopes to work in a major medical center in the neonatal unit.

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