Pastor’s Corner: God is ever mindful of us!

Man o’man: God is ever mindful of us!

And God said: Let us make man (male man and female man) in our image, (character) after our likeness (nature). They shall have dominion (bring harmony) over all the earth. God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth.

Both Mama Eve and her husband blew it while they were in the Garden. Even though God didn’t curse them; He cursed the ground and Satan. They found themselves homeless not having full provision accessible to them by their Maker living outside the place God so desired for them to dwell.

She had allowed herself to be defined by her husband, Adam, rather than maintain the status that God had ordained for her when she was formed from the first man’s rib and said about her: “it’s very good.” The male man attitude was to the Creator, I was here first; I shall call her “woman.”

Sure, you created her as a FE-male man. You installed Your Holy Light (insight and intuition) into her and not me. But, I’m going to call her “woman.” After all she is WOman – a man with a WOmb and you told us to replenish the earth. Therefore, he named his helpmate-woman instead. By accepting her husband’s image of her above her true value that both their creator had deemed, she in returned demoted her significance to the man’s opinion about her and subjugated her will to his and not God’s.

“God has given me a MAN-child” Mama Eve’s words busted from her lips upon giving birth to her first born.  I’m sure her rejoicing was because of God’s judgment to her – “that her seed would bruise the head of the serpent.” Perhaps she thought, he being a man would avenge us of the enemy’s stronghold in our lives. However, neither Cain their first born son nor their second man-child, Abel, nor any other human who descends from the seed of man can be a deliverer.

Listen up! Whatever you allow yourself to be called or be defined by anyone other than God Himself, you shall be deceived! Confusion like dark stormy clouds will hang over your soul.  My sisters, you are not subject to “the man.” God said both husband and wife are to be subject one another [Ephesians 5].

If the husband will not honor his wife, his prayers will be hindered [1 Peter 3:7]. All other male men are your “brothers.” Every child of God has the fullness of God now dwelling within us and the mind of Christ. Keep your mind stayed on Jesus and His finished work on the cross for you as an individual. Married or not! God want His daughters well! False prophets are still here in abundance telling you that you have peace – when you know full well deep down in your soul you have no peace [Jeremiah 5 -6]. God have not even said “good morning to them” so why are you giving them credence?

My brothers, if you are married you are the “head” of your own wife. The word “head” in Greek, Arab and Chaldean means “the skull.” Ok! You have been ordained of our Father to protect her i.e. mine/spirit. If you are not married, you are the head of yourself only. If you have been ordained of God as an officer into His body, the Church just like women, you will be qualified by God as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher and Pastor.

We don’t ever want to lie. God cannot lie. What He says is true whether we believe it or not. Therefore, I perceived of a truth, God is no respecter of persons and He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. There is several different meaning of the word “man” in the bible. They are: human being, breathing creation, one born, lad, head person, female man, male man, husband, warrior, leader, elder and spirit man.

Anytime any of us allow anyone else but God to define who we are – we reject God’s goodness, mercies, grace, joy, peace and righteousness for ourselves.  Instead, we move about the earth as a zombie!

So who are you allowing to say who you are? You have a destiny that our Almighty Everlasting Father has predetermined for you. Are you on that path?

Don’t wonder or worry be happy – God is always mindful on us! Man ole man!

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