Rainey’s Bulletin: A call to action!

Increasing parental and community engagement: A call to action!


Raising the consciousness of the very serious educational problem. The Parent Support for Education Council (PSEC) has invested much time and energy focusing on the important issue of increasing parental engagement, and we the council will continue to go forward in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit of God!

It has been determined that increasing parental engagement is one of the most difficult issues in our local community schools. One obstacle is the lack of parents and community members being aware of the huge problem.

The Problem: (This article is in no way an indictment; rather it is a call to action!)

In order to focus on the facts and the solution to the problem, names of the schools have been omitted. However these schools are in your immediate community!

The following elementary schools listed below are the percent of students who are entering the fourth grade that are NOT READING at a third grade level. (FL. Dept. of Ed)

Elementary School (A) 84%     Parental Engagement – 7%

Elementary School (B) – 78%  Parental Engagement – 7%

Elementary School (C) – 73%  Parental Engagement – 7%

Elementary School (D) – 72%  Parental Engagement – 7%

Elementary School (B) -82%   Parental Engagement – 7%

Elementary School (B) – 77%  Parental Engagement – 7%

Elementary School (B) – 61%  Parental Engagement – 7%

Consider the following:

The Florida prison system projects the number of beds needed to accommodate these children. (Not reading at a third grade level in the fourth grade)

If each school has an average of 500 children enrolled that would equal to 1000 parents. Only seven percent are engaged!

Seven schools with 7,000 parents and only seven percent engagement is sinful!

Are you a parent or a friend of one of these children? Is this disturbing to you?  It is very disturbing to me! THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION!

Do not move your child, stay there. Do not criticize, organize!

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey serves as Community Outreach Pastor for the Faith Memorial MB Church, Rev. Dr. Bragg L. Turner, Senior Pastor.  He also serves as president of the Parent Support For Education Council, Inc., and chairman of JWB South County Community Council. He may be contacted: mrainey390@verizon.net or (727) 420-1326.
The Parent Council meets every third Thursday of each month @ 6:30 p.m., Faith Memorial Missionary Baptist 1800 18th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, at the (Resource Center), to the far right and adjacent to the Church. The community is welcome.

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