SRO awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award

Pictured left to right: Schools Police Chief Luke Williams, Stacey Hawkins (wife) and Officer Michael Hawkins

LARGO — Pinellas County Schools Officer Michael Hawkins has been awarded the Florida Association of School Resource Officers (FASRO) Lifetime Achievement Award.  The award is presented to those who demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments while serving their school and communities. The recipient exemplifies service above and beyond what is expected in areas of skill, significant contribution to the community, agency and school safety.

Hawkins has committed 30 of his 37 and a half year career in law enforcement to the district’s School Resource Officer (SRO) program. Looking back over the course of the program, he has served longer than any other officer in Pinellas County.

During his time as a school resource officer, he created a chapter of SADD, started a youth crime watch and continues to be active in the community as a mentor, advisor, role model and a spiritual leader.

He currently serves as an instructor for the SRO Training Program in Pinellas County and an active assailant trainer at St. Petersburg College. In addition to helping establish the SRO program in Pinellas, he is also recognized as a pioneer in School Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) practice.

Hawkins is considered one of the most respected SROs in the area and provides leadership statewide. Congratulations from The Weekly Challenger!

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