The Ears of God

“I have called upon you, for you will hear me, O God: incline your ear unto me, and hear my speech.” – Psalm 17:6

Denial – Spirit does not have physical ears.

Affirmation – My ears are the ears of God.

Hearing is a physical activity. If you do not have any challenges with your ear drums, you will hear sounds. Listening requires not only the hearing of your ears but the engagement of your mind and your heart. When your soul is in alignment with your Spirit, your ears become the ears of God and you do more than just hear sounds, you listen to people.

Jesus, our Wayshower, was a great listener.  He listened not only with his physical ears but his spiritual ears. He heard the cries of people’s heart and the feelings beneath their words. People felt comfortable enough in his presence to share things that they had never shared with anyone else. Jesus listened without condemnation and his ears were the ears of love.

Often what people need from you to is feel heard and understood. Instead of pressuring yourself to have the answers to people’s questions or the solutions to their seeming problems, be a loving presence that listens to them. The answers that they need and the solutions that they seek are already inside of them. They need you to be a sounding board to work things out and a safe place for them to really be heard without judgment.

Reflection Question – Pay attention to how you listen today?  Do you listen with love and focus or are you distracted and “tuned out?”  Write down all experiences you have with using your ears as you go throughout your day.

Sharing Activity – Talk to a few people who are close to you and ask them how you can be a better listener.

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