Dear Reader: You Will Get There

Dear Reader,

I’m not sure how my words will find you when you read them, but I pray that they find you well and bring you hope and perspective.

Life is a journey with its ups and downs, and we all have a unique story to tell. There are days when time seems borrowed and moments when the future seems uncertain. However, faith and belief can help us navigate through these challenging times. It’s important to remember that life is not a race or competition, but more so a course that we can conquer by taking things one step at a time. While some may have longer chapters in their life story, and others may have shorter ones, we all have been given the gift of time to create our own unique story and legacy.

You’ve come a long way, Beloved, and have fought hard to survive. Although time may feel fleeting at times and the future uncertain, remember that you have the strength to face whatever comes your way, and as today fades and tomorrow arrives, remember to hold onto hope and be at peace; for you are not alone in your struggles, and God will always be there to support and guide you through the hardships.

As I wrote to you, Dear Reader, I was reminded of the song, ‘I Will Get There’ by Boyz II Men. For years I have listened to this song, often on repeat; I pray that its words will reach and become meaningful to you. Here are a few words from the song, and when you have a moment, be sure to listen to it in its entirety:

“I will get there

(I will get there somehow) somehow

(Cross that river) cross that river

Nothing’s stoppin’ me now (no)

I will get through the night

And make it through to the other side

Get there (get there)”

You have triumphed against all odds and expended all your might to come this far. Though some days may feel fleeting and uncertain, remember that you have already conquered so much.

Dear Reader, continue to trust God even in the most difficult places, because He will see to it that you make it to the destination of His promises. I want you to know that you are not alone, and it is my prayer that this column will make you feel as though you have a place to belong and somewhere to call home.

Share your story and prayer requests below and at, and our team will be sure to keep you lifted in our prayers.

P.S., Yours Truly,


The Writer, Seneca Howard

About Seneca Howard

Seneca Howard is a pastor, author, mentor, and motivational speaker who inspires the lives of others through crisis ministry, counsel, and personal development.

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