Revenge politics: Ridiculous and dangerous

Ray Tampa

Dear Editor:

Nationally, we all know that former President Donald Trump has stated many times that he is intent on exacting revenge against those lawmakers who voted to impeach him or for other reasons of disloyalty, as he puts it. He has developed a cult-like environment of Republican crackpots who are dedicated to helping him accomplish his goals. This stupidity has nothing to do with what is good for the country but everything to do with what is good for the ego of the most prolific liar ever to occupy the White House.

Unfortunately, we may have a similar scenario playing out here in St. Petersburg. We have a former mayor who lost a highly contested bid to regain the mayor’s office. Since that bruising defeat, it is widely suspected that former Mayor Rick Baker is hell-bent on opposing candidates for various political offices if they supported Mayor Kriseman. Fortunately, former Mayor Baker has been on the losing side quite a lot lately. Nevertheless, he is still at it.

Presently, St. Petersburg is in the throes of a critical mayor’s race. It is widely believed that at least two of the candidates are backed by our former mayor.

The strategy seems geared toward defeating former County Commissioner Ken Welch at ALL costs due to his friendship and support of Mayor Kriseman. The tragedy in this revenge strategy is that the city loses big time if either of the puppet candidates somehow claims victory in this race.

Yeah, it would be easy to say their campaigns are inconsequential; they can’t win. However, that mistake played out before our very eyes on the national level in 2016, and the damage that resulted is immeasurable.

Neither Wengay Newton nor Robert Blackmon has any business near the mayor’s office. Newton often touts having worked under three mayors; however, he fails to mention that all three mayors had zero respect for his work as a councilman. Also, he fails to say that all three mayors strongly supported his opponents.

As for Blackmon, he claims that two years as a city councilman is a long enough runway for seeking the mayor’s office. As it relates to Blackmon, that short runway is doomed to cause a catastrophic crash. Right now, Blackmon is viewed as a puppet, a talking head doing the bidding for someone else’s agenda.

Again, neither Newton nor Blackmon has any business near the mayor’s office.

I ask that all residents note that St. Petersburg has a budget of more than 640 million dollars. One and only one candidate can be trusted to manage resources of this magnitude.

Ken Welch has a degree in business and an accomplished record as a senior accountant at major corporations. Besides, he has assisted in operating his family’s accounting and bookkeeping business for years.

Educationally, occupationally, and politically, Ken Welch is ready to move St. Petersburg forward with his unique brand of intentional and inclusive growth on day one.

Ken Welch is head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates, no doubt. However, this means nothing unless the residents get out and cast their ballots. Please make plans now to vote on or before Aug. 24th. Our city’s future hangs in a delicate balance.

Ray Tampa

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