Unity through Reparations

Dear Editor:

I want to express my profound appreciation to all the people who voted for the Unity through Reparations platform. You helped to make history. Although I did not make it into the General Election, the platform did in the form of Eritha Akile’ Cainion in District 7, who was my running mate.

It was an honor to be the spokesperson in District 5 for this stance of solidarity with the demands of the black community here in St. Petersburg. I understand that the demands made here are echoed all around the country in towns and cities where gentrification is pushing out the black community, police violence is terrorizing black people and voter suppression through rigged elections silences the voice of the black community.

I urge everyone who voted for me in District 5 to vote in the General Election on Nov. 5 for Eritha Akile Cainion in District 7!

We will make history with your vote!  We will put a reparations candidate into office on the city council in St Pete!

This movement in our city grows every day!  Join us to volunteer, come to our events and come with us to the debates! Visit voteakile.com to sign up. Let’s all work together to push this platform forward!

And to white people, in particular, I say in this election, we have a profound opportunity to participate in the process of making our city government pay reparations by returning the land under Tropicana Field to the black community!

We take a stand by voting for Eritha Akile Cainion in District 7 to make sure that the land goes back to the black community to restore the economic development and affordable housing that was destroyed to build it.

It is in our interest to stand with the black community to push back against big developer greed and the city officials who are selling our town to the highest bidder!

We can create a just city that rights the wrongs of the past and create a future where we can all move forward together and not at the expense of anyone else.

Donate. Volunteer. Vote on Nov. 5 or as soon as you get your mail-in-ballot for Eritha Akile Cainion for District 7 City Council! Unity through Reparations!

Anne Hirsch, former candidate for District 5 city council

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